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Transitional Wardrobe- From Winter to Spring!

polka tightsSince this time of year can be so tough to dress for with its crazy unpredictable weather (especially in Ohio!), this blog post is all about how to do just that– and how transition your wardrobe from cold, cozy Winter to bright and breezy Spring! Many people have asked what sorts of items we’re looking for at the moment– When we say “transitional items,” we’ve found that many people aren’t sure what exactly this means!

The most important basics of a transitional wardrobe are layers, layers, layers. Think vests, tights, blazers, and cardigans (don’t forget light sweaters in this category!). You can pull your light, fluttery tops and dresses (even shorts and tank tops!) out of storage because while it’s still too cold to bare your legs or arms, you can easily add some layers, for example: with a light-weight dress, add a pair of tights, boots, and a belted sweater– voilà! You’re good to go!

Still not sure what this looks like? Here are some great examples of celebs who combine the bright colors and lightness of Spring pieces with transitional items to create a look that is not only cheerful, but functional too!

trantsitional pics

trantsitional pics1

Photo credits: Polka tights from Madame Noir | Images of Heidi Klum and Nicole Richie via | Images of Alexa Chung, Gossip Girl and  Reese Witherspoon via GlobalGrind | Jessica Alba image via FabSugar | Ashley Olsen image via Yumi |


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