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How to Travel in Style

You know how fashion magazines are always featuring pictures of stars traveling? Beautiful people in airports and getting out of cabs… We look at them with jealousy and sometimes incredulity (“she’s walking through an airport in those heels? Sure…”), but we don’t need to leave all the chic travel attire to the actresses and models.

People used to dress up to travel; it was a special occasion. Before flying for business trips was commonplace, wearing Sunday-best was the ticket! We think that everyone could use a little dose of this mentality and make traveling glamorous again! And we think you can do this without dressing like you were born in the wrong era, OR sacrificing comfort. Because we all know that when you’re confined to one small space for any length of time, comfort is extremely important.


Here are your ultimate traveling chic tips! Think simple!

  • Skinny jeans are great because they look chic with an over-sized shirt and layers. Just make sure they fit well and have plenty of give! No one wants a waistband digging into their stomach when sitting for hours on end.
  • Notice how we mentioned over-sized tops and layers? They are your new best friend! Add a simple necklace or bracelet and you look put together, and you’ll be comfortable. If you’ve got a long journey, look for tops made out of synthetic fibers (acrylic, nylon and polyester)- they don’t wrinkle! Plus, bringing a layer or two is smart- the temps are always unpredictable in airports and planes.
  • Wear comfortable footwear. Note, we are not encouraging you to wear your jogging shoes– there are TONS of cute flats that have support and are easy to slip off when you’re going through security. Don’t rule out your favorite boots or wedges either- if you aren’t carrying anything heavy then sometimes these are just as comfy and make you look so put together! Plus, you’ll save the packing space.
  •  Since the pieces we’ve suggested are so simple, feel free to add a bit of flair! Add a great tote, a bright pop of lipstick (that way you can keep the rest of your makeup simple!), or a fun hat!

Here are a few more pictures of stars who look chic but kept it comfy for some travel-style inspiration!

airport pics

Credits: Chambray and leather tote image via Atlantic-Pacific  | Images of stars at airports via WhoWhatWear |


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