Local Fashion

Vintage Love


“Where did you get that vintage piece?”

“Oh, I just got lucky at the thrift store.”

I had this conversation several times at Ace of Cups for the June edition of ‘Heatwave! Columbus.’ A hotbed of swinging hips and hair, this 1960’s dance party rocks out to sing along classics, such as “Runaround Sue” as well as lesser known Motown and Garage gems. The fashion is as authentic as the vinyl the music is played on. But how does one effectively shop for vintage? While perusing the dance floor and questioning my fellow patrons I quickly realized no one had an answer.

The internet offers some options, however sizing can be an issue and returns can be messy. Pieces that are passed down through a family are obviously limited. Some designers offer entire lines of clothing based on vintage wear, but are useless if you want the authenticity. As for thrift stores, it is exactly as everyone I spoke to described it; sheer luck. What is a girl to do?

Heatwavers have no fear! Second Chance Consignment Shop is here! Our vintage boutique caters to all styles, whether you prefer the crisp lines of Jackie O dresses…


Or the flowing silhouette of a flower child…


Or classic fringe!


Finding vintage can be as simple as looking around your very own community! Happy Heatwaving!


Second Chance Ladies


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