Local Fashion

Festival Fashion

The sun is out, the birds are chirping and the grass has never been greener! It’s festival season! In the great state of Ohio there are  120 festivals in June alone. Whether you are going for the classics like music, and food– Or for the bizzare ( think duct tape clothing competitions and a whole shindig dedicated to coal ), your outfit can mean the difference between a wonderful memory and a dismal day.

Where to begin?

First, deal with the obvious. Check the weather the day before to best plan your outfit. Ohio weather is apt to change. Versatility is the key!

Decide what will be the base of your outfit. A great pair of shorts go a long way. If you’re feeling flirty a sundress is perfect!


With shorts, or jeans depending on the weather, you can easily sport your favorite band logo on a tank or tee for music festivals. Sundresses can be paired with light leggings if you feel like participating in a jousting tournament! You can throw a light jacket over both in case of rain.

You’ll mostly be walking for an entire day, so consider comfort heavily when putting together your ensemble. Sperry’s are gorgeous and the epitome of comfort! Gladiator sandals come in tons of designs and a good pair will most definitely get you through the entire festival season!


Lastly, accessorize! If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd a loud necklace or stunning bag (crossbody for hands free), wraps up a comfortable, unique look!

orange necklacemint bag

Happy Festival Season!


Second Chance Ladies

Photo Credits- Shorts, Sundress, Sperrys, Sandals, Bag, Necklace


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