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Pour l’amour de Paris!

Ahhh the City of Lights!


The warm summer breeze floats across the Seine and the Champs de Mars. The sunset sits gently on the horizon. The crowd softly exclaims in surprise as the lights suddenly sparkle across the whole of the Eiffel Tower. These are the memories of a summer abroad.

But will you remember what you wore?

When we rise in the morning, or afternoon depending on if you’re a college student or not, we make choices about how to express ourselves through the way we dress. Why not make those extra special moments, such as viewing the lighting of the Eiffel Tower, even more special?

Choose an ensemble that won’t make you cringe when you pull out those old photos to show your kids. I mean, that hat? Really?


You’ll probably be out for several hours before you get to that magical moment, so don’t skip on the comfort factor!


Throw in a little bit of your inner, or outer, flirt. You are in Paris after all! A tasteful amount of skin goes a long way.


But most of all, be uniquely you. Find something that if your friends saw it on a rack they would say, “Oh that’s SO Marie.”


Happy Travels!


Second Chance Ladies


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