Fashion Trends

English Love

We all know the trends within our own culture, but do you ever wonder what are fashion staples in other nations? Trends cross the Atlantic every year without many people noticing. Fashions that are popular in England end up in the same season the following year in America. Remember that whole soft vintage look that was big last summer?


The Brits beat us to it. This is a Top Shop model shoot for Summer 2010. So how do you keep up with the Joneses from 5000 miles away?

Second Chance has the scoop!

The most popular piece on the streets of London for 2013 is the skater skirt!


Inspired by the short, flirty skirts worn by figure skaters, the skater skirt is a must have for late summer and fall! You can wear it casually to an outdoor concert…


You can be a young professional…


You can dress it up for those fancy evenings out…


And as fall comes to a close, you can wear it warmer with heavier pieces!

img-thing (1)

Get creative and stay ahead of your fellow fashionistas!


Second Chance Ladies

photo credits- Top Shop, skirt, Summer Outfit, Young Professional, Evening Out, Fall Outfit


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