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We’ve all done it. That late night Netflix binge of your favorite television show. Talk of what happened in the latest episode can dominate your Facebook discussions and your morning coffee rendezvous for weeks. The dreamlike worlds that we love to be distracted by can seem far away, no matter how many hours we’ve spent drooling over our favorite characters. Alas, how can we ever hope to feel close to these fictional people that only exist on Channel 6 at 8 pm every Thursday night?

The answer is the same thing that solves a lot of problems. Fashion.

Dress like your heroes and look amazing at the same time! Here are our top picks.

1. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey-1216885

From the first episode of this period drama, the world fell in love with these incredible Pre-World War I costumes. The key to emulate this is feminine detail! A swift up-do combined with lace and a stunning boot will give you that old world elegance.


2. Dr. Who


Nerd chic found it’s niche with this decades old British sci-fi hit! We’ve chosen the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, for his Brit Boy look. These warm tones go well together, but a cool blue can be just as effective. See, bow ties CAN be sexy!

download (1)

3. Sherlock


Benedict Cumberbatch stole the hearts of millions of tweenagers around the world with this modern BBC remake of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes mystery series. You already know what we are going to say. In a couple of words: That. Trench.

download (2)

4. Once Upon A Time


With a story that runs a lot like a Disney Fan Fiction, Once Upon A Time features some incredible costumes of reinvented Disney favorites. The villains take the fashion cake as Captain Hook, The Evil Queen from Snow White, and Rumplestiltskin all rock leather like a champ. Pair leather pants, or pleather depending on your personal material choice, with a feminine ruffle for that edgy, and seductive look.

download (3)

5. Mad Men


Six seasons of the best of 1960’s fashion has come and gone and this fan favorite is set for a seventh. It doesn’t matter whether you are more of a Betty, Joan, or Peggy. There is a way for anyone to rock these A-Line, and slimming mod silhouettes. A Peter Pan collar goes a long way in giving a modern dress a vintage twist! A simple A Line with a bold, red lip for the more demure, and lastly short, short, short mod!

download (4)

6. Boardwalk Empire


Steve Buscemi leads the cast in this Prohibition Era drama. With other hits such as The Great Gatsby taking over Hollywood, the 1920’s are all the rage. In order to not look like you are heading to the nearest costume party, look for details that give a subtle nod to the decade of booze and music.

download (5)

Get creative!


Second Chance Ladies

Photo Credits- Downton Abbey, Maroon Lace Dress, Vintage Boot, Dr. Who, Maroon Bow Tie, Sherlock, Trench Coat 1, Trench Coat 2, Once Upon A Time, Leather Pants, Ruffled Shirt, Mad Men, Peter Pan Collar, A Line Dress, Mod Dress, Boardwalk Empire,


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